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This Wiki is a Sample Site Showing How to Use Netvibes, RSS and a Wiki to Support a Job Search!


I've set this page up as an RSS feed into my Netvibes account, so that I can always access my wiki through Netvibes. You can view that sample account by:

  • Going to Netvibes
  • Signing in with the username: wantajobnow@yahoo.com and the password: getajob


If I wanted, I could upload different versions of my resume and cover letter to the Files section of this wiki. I could also upload work samples and scans of certificates, diplomas, etc. so that all of my job search materials are maintainined in a single location, easily accessible from anywhere with a browser and an Internet connection.


This would also be a place for me to create links to good job search resources. If I find a site that explains the best ways to find a job or has sample interview questions, I can just create a link to it from here. If I used De.licio.us and the Firefox browser, I could tag job search links as I found them and then just set up a feed to De.licio.us that I could access from here.


To read more about how I put this project together, go here


(This project is being developed by Michele Martin of The Bamboo Project . You can e-mail her at michelemmartin@gmail.com)





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